Psychotherapy, Coaching, Biofeedback, Hypnosis, Psychological Assessment

Dr. Gregory Alter uses several emotionally supportive approaches to help you meet your needs, reach your goals, and overcome challenges:

  • brief psychotherapy
  • depth psychotherapy
  • training and coaching
  • hypnosis and therapeutic trance
  • neurotherapy and neuro-entrainment
  • neurofeedback and biofeedback
  • psychological assessment
  • Department of Transportation Approved Substance Abuse Evaluation (application in process)  

I help children, adults, and families by improving how we learn, feel, and find meaning in our lives. I encourage the joy of finding tools of all sorts in this quest, ranging from the conversational, talking about how we know what we know, to computer software guided learning experiences.  I am a Licensed Psychologist PSY7422, with over twenty-five years of experience.

NEW: Dr. Alter is obtaining Department of Transportation Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) credentials and is proud to have become a member of

NAADAC | The Association for Addiction Professionals

NEW: Dr. Alter's approach increases the benefits of, and offers an alternative to, a variety of other approaches to emotional well-being, including medications and psychotherapy.  Please click on the article title, Efficacy and Effectiveness of Antidepressants: Current Status of Research, to read a balanced review of research regarding medication treatment of depression, written by NeuroAdvantage principals Drs. Pigott and Alter. It is a downloadable PDF file available for free from the publisher . This is a thought-provoking article which challenges conventional wisdom about the role of antidepressant medications in helping individuals suffering from depressive symptoms.

Please contact me at your convenience.

Telephone: (510) 545-6463 (MIND) 

FAX: (510) 217-3588 

Office Addresses for Appointments:

2410 San Ramon Valley Blvd., Suite 240, San Ramon, CA 94583

5666 Telegraph Ave., Suite B, Oakland, CA 94609 (Weekends only)

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