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Assessment and Diagnostic Services

I treat a wide range of people with many different types of problems, always basing my treatment on thorough assessment:

  • anxiety disorders (panic, phobias, traumatic stress injuries)
  • depression
  • obsessions and compulsions
  • work related evaluations and injuries
  • ADHD, and learning disabilities
  • substance abuse disorders, alcohol abuse
  • court and forensic issues

I specialize in treating attention deficit disorders (ADD, ADHD), Autistic Spectrum Disorders, and Learning Disabilities, Substance and alcohol problems in both children and adults.  I , emphasize treatment combining psychotherapy and coaching with Neurofeedback (Brainwave Biofeedback), and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I also collaborate with MindBuilders whose staff offer extraordinarily comprehensive assessment services.

I also sell a variety of types of neurofeedback, biofeedback, and neuroentrainment devices for use both by patients and other professionals. 

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Gregory Alter, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist

I have a doctorate in Social/Clinical Psychology, 1979, from the Wright Institute, Berkeley. I was the co-founder of a unique, organized behavioral healthcare delivery system in Northern California, which I worked for from 1982 to 1995. I founded AlterMedX Health Systems ™ in 1995, renamed NeuroAdvanta, in order to specialize in the most innovative clinical approaches and to develop cutting edge behavioral healthcare technology. 

I am licensed in California (Psychology License PSY7422).  I also have been awarded certifications in a number of areas of practice that are national or international in scope.

I am a member of the American Psychological Association and the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology. I have specialty Board Certifications in Clinical Health Psychology from ABPP.  I am a Fellow and Diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Examiners with additional certification by the American Board of Psychological Specialties in Forensic Health Psychology.


I am Board Certified in both General and EEG (Neuro) Biofeedback by the Biofeedback Certification Institute of America (BCIA).  ·  about  ·  recent  ·  products  ·  services  ·  contact  ·  resource links
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