Attention Deficit Disorder Signs and Symptoms

There is no one test to show whether someone suffers from ADD/ADHD. We will base our assessment on a variety of measures. These will include age-normed questionnaires completed by the patient as well as parents, teachers, and spouses. I emphasize the psychophysiology of ADHD, the relationships between brain activity and behavior at home, at school, or at work. Therefore, we measure actual ability to pay attention and concentrate. I make use of brain measurement tools, such as the EEG (electroencephalogram) that are harmless and non-invasive, in order to assess areas of brain underactivation, overactivation, and the connectivity among different regions of the brain. I assess areas of academic achievement as well as subtypes of mental skills required for academic performance. Because coordination of the senses is so important to effective attention and learning, I assess more than the simple ability to hear and see. We measure how the brain processes what the senses perceive. 

Comprehensive data is collected and collated, then summarized in a report that includes a formal diagnosis and recommendations. Although not all patients require every test or assessment, we do require that every patient accepted for treatment complete a comprehensive assessment. Prior to beginning the comprehensive assessment, all elements will be described and costs outlined so that we work collaboratively and positively towards the changes you want to see in yourself or your family member.

If you suspect you or your loved one has symptoms of ADHD, please contact us. We promote healing and understanding through our commitment to individual and group self-observation. There can be joy in finding one's way, especially when the path has been winding and unclearly marked. So, let's talk about getting started. Call now at 510-545-6463 (MIND) for a free phone consultation and an initial office visit. 

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