Therapeutic Applications

I offer treatment for a broad range of disorders, problems, and human behavioral difficulties. We emphasize helping the whole person, not a collection of disorders. However, research and experience indicate that several specific types of problems corresponding to medical and psychological diagnoses can be effectively treated with the specialty treatments we offer. I also offer a variety of treatment approaches, including specialization in brainwave biofeedback (neurofeedback or EEG biofeedback). The alphabetical list indicates some areas I can provide help with, specifically with the use of neurofeedback. A much broader range of human problems can be successfully diagnosed in order to make referrals to other medical specialists. Additionally, there is a large body of literature that discusses the benefits of psychotherapy, including hypnotic therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, therapeutic approaches that I also offer.

Note: This site includes results which have been obtained in a clinical setting, as well as controlled experimental designs. Please contact Dr. Greg Alter at (510) 545-6463 (MIND) (California Licensed Psychologist PSY7422) regarding specific considerations that may apply to your own use of biofeedback, neurofeedback or the other specialty treatments offered by AlterMedX Health Systems.

Addiction Epilepsy
Anxiety Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Attachment Disorder Learning Disabilities
Attention Deficit (ADD & ADHD) Migraine
Autism Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Autoimmune Dysfunction Pre-Menstrual Syndrome
Chronic Pain Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Sleep Disorders
Conduct Disorders Stroke
Depression Tourette's Syndrome
Eating Disorders Traumatic Brain Injury

Therapeutic applications also may be grouped in terms of the level of current evidence that indicates therapeutic benefit.  This list will be revised, based on both research findings the current clinical experience of other practitioners, and my own clinical experience with my patients. 

Evidence of effectiveness based on published research:

Addiction Learning Disabilities
Anxiety Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Attention Deficit (ADD & ADHD) Relaxation Training
Depression Sleep Disorders

Evidence of effectiveness based on clinical reports of effectiveness:

Attachment Disorder Eating Disorders
Autoimmune Dysfunction Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Tourette's Syndrome
Chronic Pain Traumatic Brain Injury
Borderline Personality Disorder Dissociative Identity Disorder
Cognitive Decline in the Elderly Parkinson's Disease

Evidence of effectiveness based on experimental observations:

Autism Learning Disabilities
Conduct Disorders Migraine
Epilepsy Pre-menstrual syndrome
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Stroke and High Blood Pressure

 Testing and Psychological Assessment Services

I provide both adult and child I.Q., Academic Achievement, Cognitive, and Emotional Function assessment using a variety of standardized tests. The tests used are compatible with the requirements of California school districts and are consistent with the needs of other professionals who may require psychological assessment. Additionally, I provide psychophysiological evaluations, including brainmaps based on quantitative EEG findings, to confirm and complement the cognitive evaluations and neuropsychological assessments. Comprehensive written reports are provided, as requested by the individual or family. I have been conducting psychological evaluations since 1981.  ·  about  ·  recent  ·  products  ·  services  ·  contact  ·  resource links
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