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Overcome Limitations and Create Possibilities

Do you have trouble getting started, or, is hard to stop and move on to other activities? Is your memory not all you could hope for, or not what it used to be? Is school work, yours or your childs, just no pleasure, at all? How is your career on hold because of poorly understood personal limitations?  Do you wish for a way to do your best in any situation, to perform at your peak athletically or creatively? Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, and Neuroentrainment offer real hope to individuals seeking to overcome limitations, heal damage and perform at peak levels.


The pressures of school and academic performance are greater than many students can tolerate. Homework takes hours. Tests create way too much anxiety.  Relationships with teachers, friends, and classmates suffer, as the number of activities and projects increase beyond one's endurance.  Could school be a better place? Do you want to help yourself or your child do better in school with less stress, fatigue, discouragement, frustration, and disappointment? To actually look forward to school, perhaps for the first time?


The pressure of performing and competing on the job seem to define the experience of work for many of us.  Work becomes a world unto itself of immediate deadlines, multiple projects, and fear of layoffs.  Under these circumstances, is it a surprise that it is difficult or impossible to put in one's best effort and have it recognized on the job?

How can a person get perspective at the same time as one improves performance, enthusiastically pursues opportunities, and leaves the job looking forward to one's personal and family time?

Create and Perform

Training and practice are never enough, by themselves, when one aspires to the top level of performance. You must release the creativity, stamina, and ability that leads an athlete to break records, a visual artist to bring a creative moment into reality, or a musician to reach the heights of perfomance with their instrument.

You can develop these abilities to their peak, reducing errors and fatigue, and improving your chances of success in every creative and athletic endeavor.


Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD), Learning Disabilities, Traumatic Brain Injury, Chronic Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Addictions, Depression, Stroke, Epilepsy, Headache, and Chronic Pain all are reflected in disturbances of brainwaves.

When brainwaves change for the better, the diagnosed disorders improve or disappear entirely. Even more surprising, problems that had gone undiagnosed, such as difficulty falling or staying asleep, also fade away.

The brain's power to heal itself, called "neuroplasticity" by neuroscientists, is really the most important point of the different forms of neurotherapy.

Additionally, in recent years, many health care providers have recognized that the mind/body duality is in fact a profound unity, and that human energetic systems, popularized by the use of acupuncture, acupressure, Tai Chi and Chi Gung movements, and Tapping, or Energy Consciousness Psychology, encompass both the brain and body.  Beyond the brain/body unity, healing encompasses Spiritual and Devine Energy, offering healing to all humans and to our planet, forces that remain mysterious that are none-the-less real.

Introduction to Neurotherapy and Biofeedback

The brain conducts the symphony, the complex interactions of learning, creating, and performing. Brainwaves, the electrical impulses coming from deep inside the brain and transmitted to the scalp, hold one key to unlocking healing and peak performance. But the nervous system also controls many other bodily functions such as: muscle tension, temperature, sweating, heartbeat, and blood pressure. These other functions affected by the central nervous system are known as "peripheral" mechanisms, but they are no less important than the brain, itself.

So, when we talk about biofeedback, we are describing a variety of measurements and opportunities to learn from our nervous system. "Neurofeedback" refers to measurement of brainwaves or brain blood flow that is "fed back" to the person engaging in the training via computer software. Muscle tension, temperature, and sweating responses can also be revealed through biofeedback. Each form of feedback is a mirror that reflects the state of our nervous system at the moment when it is being measured. Neuroentrainment makes use of the fact that the brain's own rhythmic activity actually follows repetitive frequencies of light, sound, and touch that we are exposed to through our eyes, ears, and our skin, called the "frequency following response." Thirty years of scientific research and millenia of human experience have created a wealth of information about how to create effective neuroentrainment that can have transformative and healing effects.

We live in a time dominated by technology in ways that makes life both easier, and more difficult, sometimes simultaneously.  Computer assisted measurement of brainwaves and other physiological functions offers a benefit of modern technology that simply was not available until very recently, really just since the early 1990s, even though research into brainwave biofeedback had revealed the power of this approach twenty five years earlier. AlterMedX Health Systems offers several forms of biofeedback, neurotherapy, and neuroentrainment that are suitable for almost everyone.

What to Expect from Neurofeedback

Now, cost effective neurotherapy is a reality. Neurotherapy begins with an evaluation of your brain’s current function.  Is your brain underactive or overactive? Are there specific tasks when the brain is "half asleep?" When does your brain perform efficiently?     

Depending on the specific situation, the therapist may evaluate the ability of the brain to respond to stimuli with the use of a Continuous Performance Test (CPT).  A "brain map" may be created with the use of EEG "brainwave" measurement equipment. Also, additional tests of intellectual and neuropsychological function may be reccommended.  A diagnosis can be provided for an insurance company or to share with another doctor, at your request.

Then, computer software measures the electrical impulses coming from your brain, painlessly and non-invasively.

All biofeedback and neurotherapy is a "mind mirror," a reflection of the nervous system's activity. The specific ways in which neurotherapy and biofeedback are conducted all strive for one goal: flexible attention. Different activities require many levels and types of attention, whether one is recovering from a problem, improving existing skills, or striving for peak performance. During the neurotherapy or biofeedback session, you will receive various instructions about how to pay attention, whether to a computer monitor, a DVD or video, animation, music, pulsing light, or another sensation. Even though the problems that may bring one to start neurotherapy may be difficult, the process itself is as simple and easy as one needs it to be, so that it can be experienced with joy and a sense of progress.  ·  about  ·  recent  ·  products  ·  services  ·  contact
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