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Welcome to the Argosy University, San Francisco Bay Area Campus, webpages belonging to Dr. Greg Alter.  These pages offer supplemental materials and activities for the Psychology PsyD program classes that Dr. Alter teaches at Argosy. Our website material covers cognitive behavioral therapy, biofeedback therapy, neurofeedback therapy for the treatment of ADD, ADHD and other behavioral disorders.

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Click to take a Practice Quiz for Physiological Psychology.  Write your answers on a piece of paper and bring them to class as part of the course requirements. Quizzes are not graded but proof of having used the quizzes as study materials is required. All quizzes must be taken online and answers entered on the quiz form distributed at each class session. It is each student's responsibility to turn in all quiz forms to Dr. Alter before grades are submitted at the end of the semester.

PP7050 Physiological Psychology -3 credit hours. This course introduces brain-behavior correlates and whole systems aspects of the nervous system.  Areas covered include anatomy, physiology, synaptic processes, biological foundations of language, cognition, learning, memory, and psychopathology, as well as endocrine processes and the impact of these systems on behavior and psychopathology. The course places special emphasis on the relationship between psychotherapy and psychophysiology.  ·  about  ·  recent  ·  products  ·  services  ·  contact
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